Hello! I am Lise Herud Braten, and COLOURS OF THE LAND is the home of my ceramic works. Each piece is handmade, either thrown on a wheel or built by hand, or often a combination of the two, and no two items are ever exactly the same. 

My work reflects my memories of growing up in Norway, surrounded by mountains, forests and rocky beaches. I find the textures in craggy rock faces, lichen, moss and layered tree bark endlessly fascinating, as well as the natural asymmetry and imperfection that makes nature so beautiful. I find new life and states of decay equally inspiring. Many think of rocks and treebark as not being very colourful, but when you look closely there is a huge range of colours, and I use slips, oxides and glazes to recreate some of this rich palette of sometimes unexpected colour combinations. 

I mix my own clays and fire to stoneware in electric or gas kilns, often adding sand or other materials to create texture. I use Japanese techniques such as stretching and carving, often in combination with wheel throwing, to create natural forms reminiscent of elements in the wild. 

Having lived in a big city for a long time, I feel compelled to create work that reminds me of the natural environment I love so much, and to bring an impression of that into the home environment. My work can often be described as somewhere between fine art and functional. I like the idea that a vessel that looks like a piece of rock can hold water and flowers, just like the way small fragile flowers cling to tiny cracks in a rocky landscape, but looks equally beautiful as an object in its own right. 

I also make functional ware as I really treasure the experience of holding a beautiful mug that is unique and handmade, and I love the way food can be presented and shared with good friends from large platters and serving bowls, giving a wonderful experience and ambience to a meal.